Saturday, April 22, 2017

Davey's Ice Cream: Williamsburg

This week brought me on a nocturnal ice cream adventure.  The good news is that in New York City many ice creameries keep their doors open late for us sweet-toothed night owls.  Davey's Ice Cream specifically boasts on their website that they are "always open late." 
While the original, and slightly bigger, Davey's can be found in Manhattan's East Village, the Williamsburg location is on my regular path and is the perfect place to stop in for a cool treat. The two have the same heart, with just a few differences: they will sometimes have a different flavor or two, the atmosphere and decor are slightly different, and the Williamsburg shop exclusively offers full service espresso.   I am eagerly waiting for their two new locations to open in Chinatown and Greenpoint, due this spring according to the website.

Davey's makes all their ice cream in house using local and seasonal ingredients, creating both traditional and more adventurous flavors.  The scoop artists are excited to make recommendations and offer samples.  Right now they are raving about their Speculoos Chocolate Chip, which started as a seasonal flavor and has found its place on the permanent menu.  
What I Got: Nutella Chocolate Chunk and Berry Brownie Batter Split (two smaller scoops) in a Fancy Cone
What Greg Got: Rosemary Brown Butter

This was a truly satisfying cone, and a big reason for that was the cone itself.  A Fancy Cone at Davey's is a waffle cone dipped in dark chocolate with sprinkles.  The chocolate was a perfect match for both of the flavors I got.  Berries and chocolate?  Check.  Nutella and chocolate? Of course.  All three?  Perfect.  The sprinkles satisfied my desire to have a topping.  I usually avoid all toppings on cones because of the guaranteed mess they will create, but if they are stuck to the cone there's no mess and only more fun.  The cone itself was fortified by the chocolate so there was no crumbling or cone-splosions as I ate it.

The flavors at Davey's are on point.  One of my favorite summer treats is to put fresh raspberries on chocolate ice cream.  It is simple, refreshing, and incredibly satisfying. The Berry Brownie Batter is a perfect stand in as I anxiously wait for the weather to warm and summer fruits to come into season.  It calls to the summer, and reminds me that it is almost here.

I tend to find Nutella overpowering.  It can be too sweet and the nuttiness can be abrasive.  Davey's Nutella Chocolate Chunk is perfectly balanced.  It has a satisfying hazelnut flavor that lives in harmony with its chocolate chunks.  The ice cream does not have the piercing sweetness of its namesake's spread.  It is creamy and refreshing and just the right amount of nuttiness for this nut.
Can we talk about rosemary ice cream for a moment?  I've had it here (including sampling it while I selected this adventure's treat) and from other enlightened ice cream craftsmen.  Rosemary ice cream should be everywhere.  We don't bat an eye at chocolate, fruit, or caramel based flavors.  Anything that we think of as sweet is fair game, but when it comes to a flavor like rosemary, many treat seekers become wary.  I mentioned in my last post that mint is my go-to flavor.  We need to invite more herbs to the party.  When you hear rosemary, you think savory.  I get it, savory ice cream isn't for everyone.  Here's the secret: rosemary ice cream isn't savory.  It is sweet and light and refreshing, just like any well crafted mint.  Rosemary doesn't get carried away. It is simple and satisfying.  Ever have one of those moments where you get lost in all the fancy ice cream flavors that have too many combinations and mixed in toppings?  Rosemary is a delicate alternative to all the noise.  Next time you see it listed on a menu, give it a try.
They must have known I was coming, the giant ice cream cone was chained up.
The Rundown:
Where: Davey's Ice Cream
201 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
What they're known for: Homemade traditional and creative flavors and their peanut butter pie milkshake
A single cup or cone: $5.15
Most Extreme Menu Item: Supreme Banana Split, $14.25
Non-ice cream menu options: Coffee/hot beverages, a small selection of candy

Congratulations to the young man who came in with his parents to celebrate getting into his first choice middle school.  You are clearly very bright, for you celebrate with an ice cream cone.  Good luck to you!

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